Sneak peek into our Wednesday QA Team Session


Wednesday is when my entire QA team(we call it ZyQualSquad) gets together for couple of hours for our weekly Team Session and we do quite a few things there. I will share what we do in detail someday maybe. Till then a sneak peek into what we do “Every Wednesday” in our QA Team Session.

Well, we plan it for each Wednesday and do very few things.

  • We share new stuff. 
  • We implement new ideas.
  • We collaborate.
  • We present our views. 
  • We celebrate.
  • We make each other speak.
  • We help each other grow.
  • We run through team building activities.
  • We get ‘clicked’,  like anything. 
  • Yes! We PLAY.
  • and we EAT.

Very few things right? :p

Well because we have such an eventful Wednesday, every single week, we never face midweek low.

Rather we get Recharged and Rejuvenated 🙂

Here I go.

Team session pic- we love it
We all love to get Clicked together. Often.


QA team photograph
And we do it again when a new people join our team. This time it was for Pune Team members. Well, that’s just one of the reason :p


backstage preparation for birthday
Backstage preparation for a Birthday Celebration. They are busy.


Team birthday celebration
Birthday celebrations. I am still looking for the person who bought that hat (angry). But it was super fun.


The Bingo Award
When we win BINGO, we get awarded with a BINGO(mad angles).


Did I mentioned that we got clicked again when it was Pune team’s last day at Mumbai Office? Just that another reason.


Office Yoga Session
Office Yoga Session. What? You see very few people doing it? Others thought they are already FIT 😀


Team Tea party
When you get tired after playing, you need some refreshment right? And what you do while waiting for your order? You get clicked.

This much for now. More about us(ZyQualSquad) very soon. 🙂

Thank you for reading. Feel free to share similar ideas or your view.

Will love to hear from you