The arrival of ‘The Test Tribe’ and ‘Mumbai Testers’ | Software Testing Community

Super excited to share with you all the start of our initiative we talked about before(read here

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Dear #Testers, we will always need your support on this journey more than anything else. Our road-map for both initiatives is shared on individual Twitter handles. Please spend some time to go through it.

Still, to summarize again, we will be focusing more on helping #testers more through collaboration & getting together. The reason being, there already is huge content available online we believe. Thanks to superb work done by #Testing #Community already. We believe that testers(particularly in this part of world) need more in person coaching and engagement than anything else to grow 360 degree.

Good news for #Mumbai based testers : Even though we will try contributing to both initiatives, we will have special focus on helping #testers in and around Mumbai for quite some time.

Again, don’t forget to follow our both #twitter handles @the_test_tribe and @mumbai_ttt .

Much more to come. Stay Tuned.

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