Sixth work anniversary at Zycus 

First job is always special, isn’t it? Six years back, on 29th of November 2010 I joined Zycus. As a fresher. 

I won’t lie. I was unsure about the path and future ahead. I didn’t knew if I will enjoy there. I didn’t knew if I will enjoy Software Testing. 

I wasn’t sure if I will achieve whatever tiny bit I have achieved. I wasn’t sure if I will see any success. Only thing I was sure about is I will do something I will be proud of. What,  how and when is something only journey told so far and same will be the case ahead. 

It’s been some experience. Six long years and one journey. I am proud of most of the work I have put so far. I am proud of the products I have helped in delivering. And I am super proud of the team I have built from scratch. I feel fortunate that I could meet some super talented professionals and learn from them. 

Many people have contributed to my journey so far. My friends, my mentors, colleagues who inspired me, critics,  everyone have contributed. I will like to say a Big Thank You to each of them. 

Will love to hear from you