Sixth work anniversary at Zycus 

First job is always special, isn’t it? Six years back, on 29th of November 2010 I joined Zycus. As a fresher. 

I won’t lie. I was unsure about the path and future ahead. I didn’t knew if I will enjoy there. I didn’t knew if I will enjoy Software Testing. 

I wasn’t sure if I will achieve whatever tiny bit I have achieved. I wasn’t sure if I will see any success. Only thing I was sure about is I will do something I will be proud of. What,  how and when is something only journey told so far and same will be the case ahead. 

It’s been some experience. Six long years and one journey. I am proud of most of the work I have put so far. I am proud of the products I have helped in delivering. And I am super proud of the team I have built from scratch. I feel fortunate that I could meet some super talented professionals and learn from them. 

Many people have contributed to my journey so far. My friends, my mentors, colleagues who inspired me, critics,  everyone have contributed. I will like to say a Big Thank You to each of them. 

5 Major Problems with Large QA Team and How to Handle Them | Article#2 for STH

It was my second article for Software Testing Help community and the subject was something very close to my natural interest, i.e. Building high performing teams. The topic was Major Problems faced while managing Large Testing Team and the Remedy.

I talked about five major problems which you are likely to face if you are leading/mentoring/managing large QA team. Let me assure you that this article is not only for Managers or Leads but it will also help any junior or entry-level tester to perform good in such team.

List of major issues I talked about:

  • Maintaining Good Quality consistently over time
  • Centralized Knowledge and Expertise
  • Making Work Fun and Interesting
  • Work Distribution/Assignment
  • Maintaining Appreciation and Motivation

You can read full article on below link. Excited to know your feedback fellow testers. Feel free to share it in comments section. Happy Testing.

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My Learning en route Testing Journey | Article#1 for STH

Exciting time! This was my first Guest Article. The best part was it being for big software testing Community Software Testing Help. First article, and that too covering part of my Testing Journey was some great feeling.

I will be frank to tell I was both nervous and excited at the same time. The article and my story both received overwhelming response from readers. As I write this, I can see over 2400 shares, equal number of likes and many many appreciation notes in comments, on twitter and on Linked In for itBig Thank You to all readers who spent few minutes to read it and to the ones who gave their honest feedback.

In case you haven’t read it yet, please click on below link and share your feedback.

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Sneak peek into our Wednesday QA Team Session


Wednesday is when my entire QA team(we call it ZyQualSquad) gets together for couple of hours for our weekly Team Session and we do quite a few things there. I will share what we do in detail someday maybe. Till then a sneak peek into what we do “Every Wednesday” in our QA Team Session.

Well, we plan it for each Wednesday and do very few things.

  • We share new stuff. 
  • We implement new ideas.
  • We collaborate.
  • We present our views. 
  • We celebrate.
  • We make each other speak.
  • We help each other grow.
  • We run through team building activities.
  • We get ‘clicked’,  like anything. 
  • Yes! We PLAY.
  • and we EAT.

Very few things right? :p

Well because we have such an eventful Wednesday, every single week, we never face midweek low.

Rather we get Recharged and Rejuvenated 🙂

Here I go.

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How about a ChatBot?

I often feel empty when I find myself not doing anything ‘new’. Well when I say new, it doesn’t always mean it should be brand new to entire world, but rather to myself.

Idea is not only to keep myself engaged and satisfied but also to tell that I am doing something new and there is still a lot to do. Lots and lots of my learning or initiatives are output of this same feeling or situation I put myself into.

On same line, AI and in particular Chat Bot idea was ruling my mind for quite some time, similar to what it is doing to most of the tech world. I got inspiration from few chat bots, few blogs on medium and that was enough. I tried many platforms which are readily available like Botsify, cloning github repositories, Smooch, Howdy, Chatfuel, etc. I crossed out option of cloning github repo to keep it somewhat original and few others for lack of usability and configurability. Chatfuel was the final choice.

Considered multiple mediums like telegram, facebook messenger, sms, etc. and finally settled for Facebook messenger considering its reach.

After multiple attempts with different available resources, here is the final draft(will keep on enhancing it). Please give it a try and share your feedback. This chatbot is my personal assistant bot and it talks about me on both personal and professional front.

iconChat with Bot

6 Years of My Software Testing Journey

I rather joined Zycus as a QA quite accidentally. I started interview rounds for a role of Developer, but was later conveyed about Testing Opportunity. So I joined on terms of being given Development opportunity in case Testing doesn’t interest me(which I never had to even think about later). Needless to say, I knew nothing much about Testing before starting the interview rounds and very less by the time I got selected.

So why am I writing this piece? Well, I am doing so to share very critical aspects of being a Software Tester which I learnt during my journey. I cracked my interviews, joined one of the biggest and most ambitious product of Zycus, logged near 3000 defects in initial 2-2.5 years only, spanning across categories like Functional, Performance, Security, Usability, Multilingual, Multi-tenancy and many more . What I want to highlight is- My journey till this point(~2/2.5 years) of time was successful without any direct and great knowledge of Software Testing principles, Test matrices, Testing theories, etc.

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How to: Jenkins Auto Deploy & Slack-Jenkins integration

Automated deployment via Jenkins

If you are someone who is supposed to manage deployment on multiple environments or on clustered environment, you know how painful or time-consuming it can be manually. This post will enable you to automate deployment across multiple environments, from Jenkins branch of your choice.

Well there are few prerequisites before we start, read below:

  1. You have your shell script(s) ready on servers you are looking to deploy build
  2. ssh from your Jenkins server to target servers is enabled
  3. You will need a project in Jenkins which you can configure as Auto-Deployment project. Preferably copy of your existing project which you are currently using for so that you get most of the config copied
  4. Publish over SSH, Build Authorization Token Root Plugin, Slack Plugin plugins are installed in Jenkins(explained in Step- 2)

Step- 1

Create standard structure on each target server, e.g. /home/Autobuild or /u01/mydummyproject/Autobuild

Within Autobuild folder, keep your deployment script which Jenkins will be calling and also create one more directory within Autobuild folder named as build

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